Even though Mechanical is one of the oldest Engineering streams, it is one of the widest of the streams which spreads out across various other engineering disciplines. To produce a very effective automatic mechanical system a mechanical engineer has to understand concepts of physics, mathematics and electrical technology.
The Mech Skill section understands the need to provide a skilled person all the necessary knowledge to do justice to the industry. The trainee is provided exposure to the basics of physics, principles of Designing, various stages of manufacturing and hands on experience with the operation of various machinery and tools during production stage.
The trainee is introduced to following fundamental concepts keeping in view their utility in the workplace in any Mechanical industry.

Structural Engineering
Electro Mechanical Engineering
Material Science
Hydraulics and Pneumatics


For converting a person’s ideas into designs the trainee is educated on the basics of some tools like Auto-CAD and Solidworks. He or she is given an opportunity to make his own designs for some products under the guidance of experts in this field so as to gain problem-solving skills of real life scenarios.
Workshop technologies
Conventional Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering
Non-Conventional Manufacturing
Product Design Basics
CAD-CAM basics
Industrial Management
The training is divided into various stages based on industry practises so that the trainee gets the confidence to mingle with experts in this field and is able to deliver as per industry expectations.